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Henrietta's Treasures-Ponice Cruse


My name is Ponice Cruse.  I am an Accountant/Photographer.  I love all types of photography such as children, seniors, weddings, engagement, model shoots, landscapes, architecture , events as well as boudoir.  Boudoir is one of my favorite types of photographer because I believe all women and body sizes are beautiful. I love to bring out the beauty in every one and all photos remain private and confidential.  I would consider myself different as I use both sides of my brain equally.  I am analytical and I am also creative.  Therefore I call myself the Creative Accountant.  Now don't get me wrong.  I don't play around with the numbers but I am specifically speaking of my creative side.  I love helping other creative in the analytical world.  I am a MBA and currently pursuing my CPA.  If you need help with the analytical part of your business.  I am the one for you!  I chose the name for my photography business based upon a woman who heavily influenced my life and that is my grandmother Henrietta Brooks Hamilton.  I love the name Henrietta as it is a name that most people are not using anymore.  Many times we forget where we came from and we don't value our history.  I too am a genealogist and treasure the rich history of the past.  This brings me to my love of history for the next generation which can be captured in photographs as well as on paper.  I believe that you should treasures memories.   Therefore,  Henrietta's Treasures it became!